Shaun Allen Kranish is a name.  No matter the styling (SHAUN KRANISH, SHAUN A KRANISH, etc), the fact remains that these are names.  The name Shaun Allen and the family name Kranish were given to me - a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural, sovereign man, husband, and father - at birth by my parents, Michael and Patricia.  Therefore I retain that name as my property.  Patricia and possibly Michael as well signed paperwork - a contract - with entities.  This undisclosed and thereby null-and-void contract led to the creation of the trade name SHAUN ALLEN KRANISH.  This name has since been fraudulently used to create credit, debt, and to pillage and plunder.  I, more specifically described as a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural, sovereign man, husband, and father, shall not be confused with the name.

Due to the violent, corrupt, secretive, and dishonest nature of so many of the men and women who label themselves as "government" or "public servants" and the dismal historical record of the institution of government, this man finds and claims that any and all associations between he and any and all government or other fictional entities and corporations never existed in truth, in full disclosure, nor in good faith on the part of the fictional entities.  Furthermore, it is far too questionable for any real man or woman to have any dealings with fictional entities to begin with - as these collectives are wholly unnatural, imaginary, and are nothing but a mental construct.  Indeed, the identities of the members, administrators, and other agents of most of the significant fictional entities with which real, natural men and women deal on a daily basis cannot even be ascertained.

Shaun Allen Kranish, SHAUN ALLEN KRANISH, and all other variations (hereinafter collectively, "THE NAME") are hereby the copyrighted and solely owned property of this sovereign man.  The use of THE NAME expressly and explicitly forbidden except with permission which shall only be given by the real man in writing and signed voluntarily in his own blood.

Answering only to the powers of the universe/nature/God and to no other man, woman, group/collective of men and/or women, nor any fictional entity or corporation, this man takes his place among these powers.  All rights from these powers are reserved and held at all times, and any man or woman who claims otherwise is a liar awaiting judgement.  All contracts of all times said to be made by or with this man are null and void on account of lack of full disclosure of the terms, duties, and rights.